Garnet Delights

While travelling in Mexico I purchased a years stock of stones, cut by small scale stone cutters that work directly with family owned mines in various regions in Mexico and worldwide. One of my biggest purchases was of my favourite stones; garnets. I love, love, love garnets and save them for my most precious pieces. Blood red stones, shining bright with the sun. 

The Garnet Delight is a forever changing and on going collection of my finest pieces, with exquisite detail, crafted with traditional stone setting techniques, with a mixture of various precious stone, the finest of my collection. 

A higher end collection for special occasions, heirloom pieces to be passed down generations. 

The first triplets 

Mexican Fire Opal & Garnet, sterling silver 

Botswana Agate & Garnet, sterling silver 

Tourmaline & Garnet,  sterling silver 

Garnet crown on a sterling silver setting and 18k gold band.