Life By the Sea

Summer collection 2020 the YHY studio is on the move again, this time to Torbay Newfoundland. An escape from the chaos of the city and the new Covid age, I packed up my studio yet again. This time I'm not in a hot, desert and tropical faraway land but at home with my loved ones, enjoying a life by the sea in Torbay Newfoundland. 

I packed my pliers and files, Foredom, torch, hammers and polishing compounds and Voodoo (of course) and set up a little studio not far from the shore. For those who are familiar with Newfoundland will know that this place is so incredibly beautiful. Cliffs shooting straight from the sea, and a shoreline of rocks and roaring hills, I cannot begin to express the unyielding and mesmerizing wilderness of this island. 

A still-in-progress summer collection of all time favourites- silver bands, hammered cuffs, Turquoise and Opals. A collection inspired by this new life by the sea, of a newly found peace and tranquility, in a world that feels like is being shaken to bits. 


Wild Roses growing like weeds 


Turquoise Triplets mirrored on a rock 


Opal and Chain 

Whale Cove, Avalon Peninsula



Turquoise Ring and grey sky 

Torbay beach

Thin silver bands

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