Something New Under The Sun

Algo nuevo bajo el sol, a collection of 12 pieces created during my stay in Mexico. Five necklaces, three earrings, five rings and three bracelets. I needed a change in my life- I've been dormant for a while it seems. I knew I needed a change- a challenge, an adventure. I mined the internet for a location and rented a studio in San Miguel de Allende for the month of January. I packed a limited tool box from my studio. A couple of files, two pliers, sandpaper and my courage and set up a workshop where I blossomed for a month. Lost in my work and completely and utterly inspired by Mexico and the endless stimulation, joy and creativity it released with in me. I would rise with the sun and work for some hours, in the afternoon I would stroll through the city drinking the juice of sunlight, flowers and life. Something New Under the Sun is by far my finest work, a collection that has been calling my name to create.... Alone in my studio brushing aside expectations and the stress of satisfying or selling. 

I was on a quest- I wanted to learn from Mexico and its rich regional traditions of silver work, stone cutting and mining. I met endless stone cutters and talented jewellers - a women collective who are the only women stone cutters of Taxco city of silver. Jewellers working by the foothill of the oldest silver mine (and the first colonial mine) in the Americas, jewellers selling their art in the streets, who travel from country to another and camp their stand. Mobile artists with primitive techniques and the finest craftsmanship. I bought endless Opals from Guadalajara, and shopped for precious Amber in the markets of Chiapas, I bought enough Turquoise to last a lifetime. 

I hope to carry this magic within me and light of Mexico for as long as I can- I can not wait to get into the studio again and bring to life pieces inspired by my memories of such special people and places, which I will forever hold dear to my heart. 





Taxco, Turquoise cuts 


Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan ready to cut. 



Taxco, stone cutter 

Studio at San Miguel De Allende



blocks of semi precious stones ready to cut


Lyz <3  

Angel's workshop

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