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POPUP Poster 2021

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Temple Emanu-El Beth Website Suggestions:

Front Page:

The landing page is a little cluttered and confusing. I would suggest to organize the page into distinct sections, each section with a brief introduction and a navigational button to its own secluded page. For example, 'Membership' as a section with a small visual window indicating why it is important, and where to click to join or learn more, and a navigational or "action" button to lead to a separate page. Events are scattered throughout the front page, and the information on events offered by the Temple is perhaps the primary reason individuals go to the website. Therefore, the landing page can have section dedicated to events, and presented in a more organized manner. For example there can be an interactive calendar, indicating special dates and events, in which each event link can lead you to a separate page, social media post, facebook event page or a space where more information is provided. 

The About page is very important especially for new members, or individuals who might want to join the Temple or are considering it. The About page can be seen as a conversion page, in which can lead the viewer a step further towards a membership or involvement in Temple activities. The About page can have more information about the community of the Temple, its unique history and current projects. For example, while I was preparing for the interview with Marci I had immediately navigated towards the History section to learn more about the Temple. The section, while providing a timeline of the history of the Temple, does not provide the type of story that speaks to why the Temple is so unique, and why it is such an important institution to the Jewish community in Montreal. This section can include more information on the history of the temple, as well as images of other location it had inhabited, rabbis who had served there, and photographs of past activities, services and other archival images that provide glimpses into the Temples' rich and interesting past. The about page can also be enhanced by simply adding more information, or call to action buttons such as LEARN MORE, or BECOME A MEMBER, or REGISTER FOR ZOOM SERVICE etc.