Bones Chain

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I've had this vision in my mind for a while now, and I kept putting it off. Making chains is a commitment, you need the time and patience. I finally got around to it and Im so happy I did. The Bones Chain is made with 23 pieces soldered and joined together, it's a hell of a job that took a few too many hours and it's slightly unusual and that's really what I'm all about. Making pieces that explore some other technique, some other shape. This beauty is light and gentle and is 20 inches in length. Got a YHY coin in its beginning, or end. One of a kind and as per usual, made with a whole lot of love. 

YHY + Note to Buyers

All of the pieces in my collections are entirely handmade by me, from nearly every single step in the process. Because of this, my jewelry is unique and not a single piece is identical to another, nor are they perfect. My work is embedded in imperfections, and the fingerprints of the hands that create them are seeped in the metal. It’s a style option and preference and what I love, and ultimately what gives these pieces characteristic and charm.  

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