Opal and Chain

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I keep myself creative on my bench and often create pieces that I had dreamt of, literally. In my dreams all sorts of necklaces wrap around me, stones are present like long lost friends. The Opal and Chain was one of those necklaces I had dreamt about, and as strange as this sounds, I had to make it come to life. The power that creation gives us is unique to say the least, and I feel it every once in a while in strange pieces like this. The Opal is aesthetic and made of glass, I had came across a few of these cabochon in Mexico and thought that it would be fun to work with. This chain is made from Sterling silver and connects to the stone at the close; but it has an alternative, it can be closed by the orb of the stone or an added hook two inches up. It's up to you, versatile like you. A cheeky pieces made for the type of days that require serious gear. Handmade by me in my Montreal studio, with love. The necklace is 18 inches long.