Pink Opal & Charm Necklace

Regular price $145.00

Measurement - 20 inch chain

Material - Peruvian Pink Opal, Sterling Silver 925

Made from Peruvian mined and cut Pink Opal, this beautiful necklace is a new design that I will be returning to often. My take on a charm necklace- a strange duo carrying some kind of a spell. Handmade by me in my Newfoundland studio, maker’s mark stamped on the back of the stone piece. 20 inch chain. 

YHY + Note to Buyers

All of the pieces in my collections are entirely handmade by me, from nearly every single step in the process. Because of this, my jewelry is unique and not a single piece is identical to another, nor are they perfect. My work is embedded in imperfections, and the fingerprints of the hands that create them are seeped in the metal. It’s a style option and preference and what I love, and ultimately what gives these pieces characteristic and charm.  

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There are no refunds for any purchases so please double check your size before making a purchase. If resizes are needed then please know that the shipping is covered by you, and that *stone pieces cannot be resized!*. If you have any questions or concerns regarding resizing or refunding please contact me at and I will certainly get in touch. 

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